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NANO PTFE-New Excellent Filter

A medical face mask meeting high protection standards.

Safety Syringe & Hypodermic Needle

Particularly safe, ensuring easy handling for healthcare professionals. Causes only minimal pain to the patient.

Safety Winged IV Needle

Durable winged IV needles designed for efficient and quality service.

Safety Winged Blood Collection Sets

Blood collection sets for painless and quick sample collection.

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Here at ZUMA Medica we strongly believe in science and technology innovation. Our goal is to provide top-quality medical products in the market to our partners, healthcare organizations and medical institutions worldwide. With no intermediaries involved we offer the highest safety and quality standards medical equipment for the lowest prices globally.

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Advanced technologies medical masks with PTFE filter

Protect yourself and others with convenience. Superior medical masks technology – forget breathing, and fogging issue, as well as, enjoy improved durability. Stock up with the right tools to fight COVID-19 today!