NANO PTFE-New Excellent Filter

Medical Face Mask

New Filter · New Feeling

Perfect for everyday use. The filter will ensure maximum protection from Covid-19 viruses, and similarly sized particles. This mask solves the every day issues with durability, breathing, and fogging. By investing into such mask, the customer can be assured to never experience any issues, that come with commonly used masks. 

Mask filter details

The table below indicates the performance requirements defined by EN 14683-2019.

Gemtier’s above products meet European Standard EN 14683, Type IIR.

Product meets European Standard EN 14683, Type IIR.
Masks with filter - how does it work?
Vaccination needle instructions

Product Reviews

April 10, 2021

Company Name: GK klinika

Name: Nijolė Bartaškienė

5 out of 5

PTFE filter medical masks are the best solution for medical institutions

The masks were liked and accepted by the doctors, who uninterruptedly spent the whole day with masks. Zuma Medica masks solved issues with durability, breathing, and fogging.

April 23, 2021

Company Name: Medicinos diagnostikos ir gydymo centras
Name: Renata Karalienė

5 out of 5

Better than most

Our medical staff liked the NANO PTFE filter medical masks because the masks do not cause allergies and do not irritate the skin. Easy to breathe all day long. The laces are strong and do not tear.

April 30, 2021

Company Name: VŠĮ Rokiškio psichiatrijos ligoninė
NameVida Šeškienė


Easier to breathe all day

Does not irritate the face, not moisturize and it is easier to breathe all day.

May 07, 2021

Company NameRegioninė Mažeikių ligoninė

Name: Regina Meištienė


Proven in the operating room

Easier to breathe, drier under the mask, masks are pleasent to wear. It has also been very proven for doctors working in the operating room.

May 16, 2021

Company Name: Vilkaviškio ligoninė
Name Roberta Suprikienė


Easier to breathe

Doctors who had been diagnosed with Covid-19 felt a strong difference when breathing with PTFE filter medical masks, the mask does not get wet, prevents glasses from fogging and easier to breathe.

May 25, 2021

Company Name: Joniškio ligoninė
NameVirgita Tuminienė


Easier to breathe

Most proven in the operating room. Prevents glasses from fogging and are much easier to breathe.

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5 out of 5